NESTA Spencer Institute COVID-19 Business Rescue Plan

NESTA and Spencer Institute Announce FREE Training Programs to Help the Fitness Professionals Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus is becoming more deadly by the minute. It has affected everyone’s life, bringing the whole world to a standstill. Everyone is worried and locked inside their homes. The wellness consultants, fitness centers, sports coaches and nutrition experts are left with no option but to stay at their homes. In such terrifying situation, NESTA and Spencer Institute has announced free training programs for personal trainers and health coaches in a bid to keep the fitness industry afloat. They are offering the entire ‘’Home Gym Profit Center’’ absolutely free for health coaches and personal trainers so they can continue training their clients remotely from their homes. 

Moreover, anyone buying any certification program from NESTA or Spencer Institute will receive a free ‘’Online Coach Training System.’’ The team at NESTA and Spencer Institute is doing everything in their capacity to keep the heads of fitness professionals above water in this tough time. The programs they are offering free cover everything faced by an individual working remotely as a fitness expert. 

Working from home as a health expert provides you with a number of benefits; you get huge tax advantages, you’ll no longer waste time going to clients’ homes or to the gym, you won’t be obliged to pay any per client fees as a contractor, and you’ll have more time doing what makes you happy. 

NESTA and Spencer Institute have been offering all-inclusive online certificate training programs for quite a long time, and understands how to deliver quality certificate training programs at affordable rates. You can visit their official websites to explore what they have to offer to fitness experts and health coaches.

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