How to Become a Muay Thai Instructor

The muay thai is a pre-designed group exercise format that includes kickboxing elements. You can become a muay thai instructor through professional training. If you participate in a muay thai certification and do the exercises at home, here is your chance to become an instructor. 

muay-thai-fitness-elbow (1)

The certification course creator and your instructor, Bryce Krause has trained some of the best martial artists in the world including: Rafael Dos Anjos UFC Champion, Michael Bisping UFC Champion, BJ Penn, 2 weight class UFC Champion, Cris Cyborg UFC/Bellator/Invicta Champion.


There are no prerequisites to complete before starting personal trainer education, but there are steps in the process to make sure you get trained at a time and place that is most convenient for you.



  1. Decide whether you want to complete your training at home or in person. The Muay Thai Instructor training instructor can give you home or options in person to fit your schedule. If there are no training classes near you, then you may want to consider the in-home option. But if you decide to study at home, you can also decide later to test in live training.
  2. Locate the training in the person closest to you. 
  3. Sign up for the Muay Thai Instructor training you would like to participate. 
  4. Claim your continuing education credits and completion record (good for two years). If you are certified as an American Council on Exercise or Aerobics and Fitness Association of America instructor, you can receive continuing education credits to participate in live training.
  5. Follow the suggestions in the follow-up instructions to get your body in shape for training throughout the day. This includes bringing a notebook and pen, water, light / high-energy snacks, aerobics / cross trainer / basketball shoes, various changes in gym clothes, and a training towel.