Severe withdrawal effects

Side effects of anti-depressants

Stress and anxiety are problems which everyone faces. This does not mean that you should start taking medicines and look for quick solutions to this problem and start taking anti-depressants. There are countless side-effects of anti-depressants including the following.

  • Slowed mental processes

Slowed mental processes

Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines do nothing but slow down the processes in your mind. This simply means that you would not be thinking at the same pace. In addition to that, your reaction time would increase as well and your responses would slow down as well. People who work in offices cannot afford to take these medicines as they hamper their work performance on a major scale.

  • Severe withdrawal effects

Severe withdrawal effects

There is one point about anti-depressants which you should never forget. The effects that these medicines have are not forever. For a short time period, you would feel as if your mind is 100% normal and you are not depressed in anyway. This effect lasts for a short time span. Once the effect is over, depression would hit you back in a stronger manner. Thus, before you consume these medicines, you need to be aware of the withdrawal effects. In the long run, if these medicines are consumed, the withdrawal symptoms become more severe. In worst situations, it can even lead to suicidal tendencies.

  • Addiction


There is no doubt that anti-depressants provide quick relief from depression and anxiety. However, there is a major drawback connected to this as well. These medicines are highly addictive and you can get hooked on to them. This addiction is not developed at once. If you take these medicines on weekly basis, you would start taking them on daily basis after some time. Eventually, you would consume multiple tablets in one day. In other words, you would find it impossible to survive without these medicines.