Fitness Market Evolution in USA

The fitness market is an area that has been growing a lot these days, because the human being has been more concerned with his body health and well-being.

With this in mind, we prepared this text so that you can know the main data of the fitness market and understand how the professional with group exercise certification can take advantage of this business opportunity and to arrange group personal training classes.

What is the fitness market like in USA? Can I bet on a promising future in this market? Where have the people been practicing physical activity? What is the profile of physical activity practitioners in gyms, clubs, personal trainer studios, etc.?

Fitness market evolution

In 2017, amid the turmoil of the crisis we are experiencing, we suffered a slowdown in the growth of our economy in general, but the fitness market sector grew by 8%.

This increase was not only due to concern about our appearance, but also to the greater diffusion of the benefits that exercise promotes in health, both in the prevention and performance and in the treatment of various diseases that affect the population.

In the last few years, the fitness market segment has given rise to large companies.

But it was not just big business that stood out and dominated the market. Small and medium-sized companies are emerging every day with their own products or franchises not only from gyms, but from all over the world that the practice of physical activity comes into contact, such as restaurants, clothing, shoes, food, etc.

The fitness market world has been an extremely fertile ground for the birth and growth of small and medium businesses through franchises.

To ensure this growth, business models are becoming more sophisticated on a daily basis, either because of the infrastructure presented to customers or because of different training methodologies.