Being a Yoga Teacher

Each person seeks the practice of Yoga for some special reason, and through dedication and time donated to the practice, they achieve the desired benefits. Upon realizing a state of inner peace and well-being, many are delighted and end up projecting their expectations on the Yoga teacher. He becomes an important and admirable person, after all he works with what he loves, and transmits teachings that can transform students’ lives, just as he has been transforming his own.


Thinking in this way is born within many people a huge desire to change everything in life, a desire to leave the job that does not satisfy the heart and become a Yoga teacher too by enrolling in yoga teach training certification. However, it is important to remember that with the profession there is also a responsibility, a duty, the dharma of being a Yoga teacher is born. And like practice, this duty goes beyond the limits of the classroom, becoming a full-time job.


Some questions arise during the journey of sharing knowledge. The first is: what does it mean to start a career as a yoga instructor?

Another is: what do I need to know? When do I know that I am ready to teach?

Being a Yoga teacher is actually being a spiritual guide. It is to be the mirror where the student sees his difficulties and also his light. It is to be the person who shows the way to self-knowledge. Here we realize that it is not such an easy task, because to be a spiritual guide that shows the path to self-knowledge it is necessary to have walked this path. To be the mirror that reflects the student’s conditioning, it is necessary to be free of the conditioning itself. The teacher is the one who transmits the knowledge already accomplished.