Do not lift weights

Precautions to be taken after an appendix operation

An appendix operation takes place after a person has acute pain in the lower part of the left abdomen. People who suffer from this pain have to be operated immediately. If the patient is not operated, the appendicitis can burst and poison can spread in the body. Even after the operation has been completed successfully, the patient is required to take a lot of precautions. Some of these precautions are listed below.

  • Do not lift weights

Do not lift weights

When a patient is operated for appendicitis, he gets five to stiches on the operated area. Even after the stiches are removed, the patient is not allowed to lift any weight for a long time as this exerts pressure on the stomach. This can result in major skin tear and injuries to the lower abdomen area.

  • Application of ointment on operated area

Application of ointment on operated area

The operated area on the stomach remains soft and tender for a very long time. In addition to that, you would feel itching on it for a long time as well. It is important that this area should not be left dry. Your surgeon would recommend an ointment to use after surgery.  This would prevent itching as well as keep the area lubricated for a long time.

  • Cleanliness to prevent infections

Cleanliness to prevent infections

People who get operated for appendicitis are prone to infections as well. To prevent this, you should visit the doctor regularly and get yourself checked. People who do not pay attention to their health. The operated area remains sensitive for a long time. Particularly in the first week after the surgery has been done, it is important to take all kinds of precautions in terms of cleanliness. Keeping the area clean does not mean that you keep washing it again and again. Washing the operated area many times can increase itching.