Laser Hair Removal

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It? The Dermatologist’ Tips

Shaving with a razor or wax can often become tiresome. In addition to the follicle growing within a few days, these techniques, when not done properly, can cause a number of skin problems, such as folliculitis itself. To avoid headaches and give a permanent end to the hair the ideal is to bet on Manhattan laser hair removal or professional waxing at waxing centers in Manhattan. But is it worth the investment? To better understand, know dermatologist’ tips. Just have a look!

Laser Hair Removal

Can laser hair removal cause burns?

According to the doctor, laser treatment for hair removal in Manhattan consists of the gradual and progressive removal of hair from a certain region of the body through intense pulsed light energy or laser. Because the procedure is based on the emission of an energy source on a target, which in this case is the hair pigment (melanin), thermal damage can occur around the bulb and the hair shaft.

However, the expert says this may happen for a few reasons. Among them, if the energy of the device is too high, if multiple beams are applied to the same region (causing excessive thermal damage), or if the patient’s skin is tanned – when the skin color “competes” with the laser target.

Can the procedure cause stains?

In some cases, laser hair removal may cause stains due to burns. They can evolve with dark and even white marks (hypochromia), so the ideal is for the professional to be experienced and know the device that will work. If you get these blemishes, it is best to consult a dermatologist for treatment with whitening creams or the treatment of microneedling in Manhattan.

Can laser hair removal be done on black skin?

There are currently safer devices that can be performed on dark and black skins without causing burns. Ideally, the patient should always look for a specialist professional.