Is There a Specific Course to Practice the Personal Core Trainer Profession?

Although socially, a personal core trainer is considered a profession, the profession is not legally regulated. This means that the profession does not exist in law. So can we say that all personal acts in illegality? Let’s take it easy, since in practice it is not quite like that.

Yes, the personal trainer can legally practice the profession, as long as he has a degree in Physical Education and has a license from the Regional Council of Physical Education in his city. This is because, even though the profession does not “legally” exist, their duties are basically the same as those of the Physical Education professional.


However, it is not recommended to leave college directly for the profession of personal trainer. Usually, professionals start their careers by giving Physical Education classes at conventional schools, or even as gym instructors. Over time, they gain experience and knowledge in the market and only then go on to “solo career”.

Due to the fact that the profession is not regulated, it may be that there are unskilled professionals in the market. However, this usually happens with those who specialize in different modalities. Courses of personal trainer continuing education focused on the chosen field and knowledge.


In general terms, the personal trainer must always keep up to date, taking core conditioning certification and improvements in the chosen area. It is important to remember that student satisfaction will be your best advertisement, and the results will determine your success in the profession.

You need to have a professional plan, as you cannot be a personal trainer all your life. With advancing age, the routine will become too tiring for you, who should think about professional alternatives to not be out of the market.

Before choosing a profession, you need to think about all this and make sure it is the routine you want for your life.