Guidance from a professional trainer

Tips to exercise in a productive manner

People have various misconceptions about exercising and staying healthy. Exercising does not means expecting to get six pack abs in weeks. In addition to that, the purpose of exercising is not building muscles only. Excessive weight training can prove to be very harmful instead of being productive. Here are few tips that you can use to exercise in a safe and beneficial manner.

  • Guidance from a professional trainer

Guidance from a professional trainer

Exercising without the guidance of a trainer is quite risky. This is because every human body has a different level of flexibility. If one person of age 24 can lift 50kgs, it is not necessary that another person of the same age will be able to do it. A professional gym trainer would be able to gauge the physical limitations and recommend an exercise routine accordingly

  • Take things in a gradual manner

 Take things in a gradual manner

You need to take your time when you are adopting an exercising schedule. You cannot expect your body to get completely transformed in a week. Taking medicines is never a safe option. The medicines consumed for weight reduction always have various side effects on different parts of the body. You need to have a daily routine as you cannot expect to shed weight overnight. Being regular is extremely important. You should dedicate a fixed time span for exercising on daily basis.

  • Fix days for exercising types

Fix days for exercising types

Even if you are doing weight training, you need to work on different body parts each day. Doing all kinds of exercises everyday can result in physical wear and tear. For instance, you can keep one day for arms and the other for chest workout. In addition to that, weight training should always be done after you have used the treadmill for ten to fifteen minutes. Running for some time opens up your muscles.