Cold Weather

Factors that can damage your skin

Skin is sensitive and requires care. If you are getting rashes on your skin or patches of burns, you need to take care of your skin. In the long run, these rashes and burns can become permanent. You have to be sure about the nature of your skin and taken preventive measures accordingly. Here are few factors that have negative effect on the human skin.

  • Cold Weather

Cold Weather

When cold dry winds hit your face, your skin would show signs of increases dryness. This is because these winds extract the natural moisturizing oil on the skin. You can control the situation by applying face lotion before you go out. This would keep your face moisturized and help you in combating skin dryness due to cold weather.

  • Regular Smoking

Regular Smoking

People who smoke regularly rarely have wrinkle free skin. This is because nicotine adversely effects the flow of oxygen in the blood. This creates dead skin patches and wrinkles. If you have skin problems and you smoke, the first thing that you need to do is quit this habit.

  • Wrong Diet

Wrong Diet

Taking the wrong diet can seriously damage your skin. People who eat deep fried stuff have regular problems with their skin pores. If your day to day diet includes pastas, pizzas and burgers, your skin would be oily and dull looking. Professional dermatologists always advice their patients to have healthy diet.

  • Unreliable cosmetics

Unreliable cosmetics

There is no doubt that a lot of cosmetic companies promise to make your skin glowing in days. This is not possible. Using products by these companies can result in very serious damage. You can even get skin cancer in worst situations. When you are selecting cosmetics, you need to be cautious about certain things. First of all, do not use a product which is manufactured by an unreliable concern. Secondly, talk to a dermatologist to ensure that the product is according to your skin texture.