Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

What You Should Know About Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

What are the different types of double eyelid surgery in Singapore?

There are two popular types of double eyelid surgery in Singapore, one with incision and one with stitching. These two surgeries are called non incisional blepharoplasty and incisional blepharoplasty. From the name, we can guess that non incisional means no incision will be made. With the non incisional method, your surgeon will still give you local anaesthesia so you won’t feel any pain throughout the procedure. After that, your surgeon will stitch your eyelid to create the double eyelid.

Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

The incisional method requires the surgeon to actually cut some parts of the eyelid, such as the fat or skin to create the double eyelid. This method at the beginning will leave some scar from the wound, but this scar will go away over time.

The recovery period is of course much faster for the non incisional method. However, the results of the incisional method is more permanent than the non incisional method.

What if I’m not satisfied with my double eyelid surgery result?

First thing to do: don’t panic. Don’t cry or throw yourself a pity party and simply take a deep breath. Most people rush into making conclusions about the results without making sure that they have fully healed. Sometimes, the swelling and the scars make it hard for you to see clearly whether you have achieved an optimal result. So, make sure there’s no more swelling and your eyelid has healed completely. If you are certain that the way your eyelid looks is the final result of your surgery, and as you look into the mirror you feel unsatisfied, then consider talking to your surgeon.

Observe intently which part of your eyelid that you still dislike and ask if there is a way to fix the length or height of the particular part that you want to change again. In some cases, your surgeon will be able to do a follow-up procedure to perfect that “glitch”. However, you will need to trust your surgeon knows best. If it’s not safe for you to do a follow-up procedure, don’t do it. If it’s safe, then wait for a few months to half a year to do the minor revision.

Does double eyelid surgery last forever?

Sort of. A double eyelid surgery is meant to produce a permanent result. Even as we discuss about how the non incisional method is less permanent than incisional method, we are talking about results from a double eyelid surgery that last for at least 10 to 15 years. Usually the changes that take place has something to do with the growing layer of fat in the eyelid. It’s not that the results slowly fade off and went back into its “old” shape, but rather the eyelid experienced a natural change that affects the result of the surgery. Sometimes, the growing fat layer causes the stitches to no longer create that double eyelid shape. An incisional method is more permanent because instead of stitching the eyelid, a part of the eyelid is removed.

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