Middle Ear Infection And Hearing Loss

Middle Ear Infection And Hearing Loss

Continuously temporary ear infections lead to permanent hearing loss. Although outer ear infections also dangerous yet they cause temporary hearing loss. Usually, middle ear infections become the cause of permanent hearing loss.

Middle Ear Infection And Hearing Loss

Acute otitis media                                

Acute otitis media is the type of ear infection which occurs severely in children, especially infants. It is one of the most painful ear infections and befalls with inflammation in the middle ear (behind the eardrum). The inflammation limits the movement of the middle ear bones and eardrums. But if a person diagnoses it earlier, then the treatments can properly cure the problem.

Causes of middle ear infection

If a person is suffering from a common cold such as respiratory infections, it is evident for him to become prone to a middle ear infection. The plague can cause swelling in the backside of the throat, including the Eustachian tube, and that tube connects the throat with the middle ear. The excess amount of fluid and negative pressure leads to severe ear pain. It also causes stress, fatigue and dizziness, and temporary hearing loss.

Symptoms of middle ear infection

It is challenging for parents to diagnose the symptoms of middle ear infections in toddlers and babies who can’t verbally speak to tell the problem and keeps on crying. They can’t express that how immensely their ear is in pain and irritation. Therefore, it is necessary for the parents to learn the signs and indications during their child’s ear infections.

Signs in toddlers

  • Children constantly have fever and irritability.
  • Heavy secretions from the ear indicate ear infections in the children. Because usually, there is no excess secretion from the ear.
  • They can’t hear properly because of infection; therefore, they can’t respond to the voices and sounds.
  • The toddlers and babies express their irritation by constantly scratching their ears.

Whereas youngsters and adults have the following signs and symptoms because of middle ear infections.

Signs in adults and adolescents

  • They have a constant earache with the feeling of heavy pressure and load on their ears.
  • They feel extreme fatigue, dizziness, and imbalance that irritates them.
  • The understanding of speech and words feels challenging to adults and teenagers with middle ear infections.
  • They generally feel allergic to something and nausea and vomit time to time.

It is essentially necessary to diagnose these signs and indications to treat middle ear infections. It is the most convenient way to protect yourselves and your children from permanent hearing loss.

Treatment of middle ear infections

There are usually two steps to treat middle ear infections. The first step is to treat the pain and then moving forward with the prescriptions of antibiotics to create a defense and fight against the infection. It is necessary to treat the pain first before giving the antibiotics to build stamina in the children and adults to fight.

Usually, doctors prescribe ibuprofen and acetaminophen to relieve pain and sometimes ear drops as a medicine for the pain. These earlier treatments can prevent permanent hearing loss.