Wholesale Covid-19 antigen rapid test kits at Eriacta Pharmacy

Wholesale Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kits at Eriacta Pharmacy

Eriacta Pharmacy is a Belgian trading company in Belgium with a wide range of medical equipment products. It is a medical trading company that specializes in bulk supply of medical equipment such face mask, hazmat suits, covid-19 antigen/antibody rapid test kits, etc. Eriacta Pharmacy offers more than 30 million products of these products at wholesale prices to fight the pandemic. In addition, Eriacta Pharmacy develops immunodiagnostic tools and point-of-care diagnostic test kits for the pandemic worldwide. Our products and test kits got recognition for its 100% reliability worldwide from CE, ISO, FDA, WHO and Germany Robert Koch Institute. Eriacta Pharmacy is known as a solution provider company. Get your test kit here.

Wholesale Covid-19 antigen rapid test kits at Eriacta Pharmacy

With more than 12 million deliveries of our test kit business worldwide, Eriacta Pharmacy can now supply bulk orders on the product “COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test kit” which is a gargle method for young children and elder people who can not use the swab stick into the nasel. The Eriacta Pharmacy COVID-19 antigen rapid test device detects SARS-CoV-2 virus antigens through visual interpretation of the color development present in human nasopharynx. The test is a stand-alone test and provides results without the need for additional laboratory equipment with 98% Accuracy and 100% positive validation on your health of Covid. The Eriacta Pharmacy COVID-19 antigen test saves hours and even days compared to conventional PCR tests.

User-friendly and Easy-to-use
No equipment required
High precision
Easy visual interpretation

Ref: BCOV-502 ERIACTA COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test
Specimen: Nasopharyngeal swab
Cassette format: 30 test/kit

All the test kits made are Dutch Design based not a chinese product with 100% reliability. We sell Dutch products to all major hospitals world wide as well as products originating in other countries. From medical consumables to health devices, Eriacta Pharmacy has access to a supply of medical equipment from well-known brands around the world. Eriacta Pharmacy only sells or mediates medical products that have the correct certificates and clinical studies. We have all the certificates and papers of product one can get it on request.