Kettlebell – Lose Weight, Strengthen and Many More Benefits in 20 Min

The Kettlebell is a device used since medieval times to measure the weight of various products, especially grains, and also for the practice of physical activities. Now, have you ever imagined losing weight and toning your whole body at once and spending an hour in all?

What is Kettlebell?

Created in Russia in the 18th century, the accessory is a hollow cast iron ball, approximately 20 cm in average diameter and which has a handle by which it is held. It was also a war artifact that was used to build muscle and gain more strength and endurance for fights.

In 1940, the equipment gave rise to the not well known sport, called Girevoy Sport (GS) or Kettlebell Sport. This sport consists of several weight lifting exercises with the kettlebell , during a certain period of time by the competitors.


Kettlebell Ball

Its weight can vary from 4 to 48 kg and, since 2009, it has been gaining space in gyms worldwide, being now an indispensable item of functional training. The kettlebell fitness training can be practiced by everyone.

From those who are beginners to athletes who want to improve their performance, they can use the equipment, but of course, each in the most suitable intensity. Hire the kettlebell coach certification professional.

Kettlebell price: Which one to buy?

Kettlebells cost, varyy according to weight (lighter ones are cheaper). But remember to opt for rubberized kettlebells, which reduce friction with your hands. 


Kettlebell training

The up and down of arms and legs (and with the resistance of the ball!) guarantees an intense cardiorespiratory work, making you sweat even those who are already used to heavy training.

Kettlebell Benefits

    • Helps you lose weight
    • Improves fitness
    • Strengthens muscles
    • Leaves the butt tough
    • Increases flexibility and coordination
    • It’s fun
    • It’s made for everyone
    • Benefits other sports
    • Easy, practical and fast