Egg and lemon for shiny hair

Top 3 natural beauty tips

Is it necessary to purchase expensive cosmetics to look beautiful? The answer to this question is no.  You can every look stunning by using some natural and extremely economical tips. As compared to cosmetic products, these natural remedies do not have any side effects as well. Given below are some economical tips that can make you look ravishing.

  • Egg and lemon for shiny hair

Egg and lemon for shiny hair

Have you tried all kinds of shampoos and ointments to make your hair look shiny and healthy? Well, you can accomplish this task by following an easy tip. Simply mix egg with lemon, apply it on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. After that wash your hair and you would see the difference.

  • Steam for removal of black head removal

Steam for removal of black head removal

There is no doubt that strips or patches available to remove blackheads prove to be painful and cause severe skin rashes as well. Well, there is a natural remedy that would not prove to be painful as well. Simply take steam and push the edges of your nose. In other words, push the area where you have black heads. Gradually, you will see black heads coming off. This treatment does not have any adverse effects on the skin.

  • Beneficial natural hair mask

Beneficial natural hair mask

Making a natural hair mask is not that hard a task after all. All you need is raw honey. Take raw honey in a bowl and apply it on your entire face with your fingertips. Make sure that no part of your face is left. Once you have applied honey, dry your face for ten to fifteen minutes by sitting under a fan. After your face is dry, simply peel of the mask and then wash your face. It is preferable to wash your face with any moisturizing face wash and not standard soap.