In Case of Hypertension Hire Personal Trainer with Health Coaching Certification

Arterial hypertension is a disease that affects close to 36% of population. That is why playing sports with a personal trainer with health and wellness certification should be a conscious option to help keep your heart healthy.


Very high blood pressure is responsible for causing high blood pressure, an extremely threatening health condition, since it contributes to heart failure, heart attack or stroke.

The following characteristics contribute to this disease:


  • Heredity, for those who carry this problem in their genes;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle, namely with alcohol, tobacco and an unhealthy diet;
  • Lack of physical exercise;
  • From the different scientific investigations carried out, there is one point in common: sport is essential in the prevention of heart disease.


Many people think that it is very dangerous to practice sports when suffering from hypertension. It is exactly the opposite: sports training prevents atherosclerosis in blood vessels and thrombosis, promotes blood circulation, eliminates fat in the muscles and reduces blood pressure.

However, if you suffer from hypertension and are going to do some physical activity to lose weight, you should take some basic precautions:


  • Seek medical advice;
  • Perform an echocardiogram;
  • Pay attention to blood pressure and regularly measure with a blood pressure monitor;
  • Do not perform sports activities that are too aggressive for the heart system;
  • Perform between 3 to 4 sports training sessions weekly;
  • Measure your heart rate during exercise with a frequency meter,
  • Do not ignore the warm-up and stretching after physical activities;
  • Move daily: walk, cycle, swim;
  • Perform breathing exercises to avoid ischemia;
  • Insert a balanced diet in your life.


You may notice that many professional sportspeople also suffer from high blood pressure due to hereditary factors and use sport to overcome their problems.

You have already proven that if you have high blood pressure, it is advisable to request a personal training program with your personal trainer who can completed essential wellness coaching courses.