What to Do to Take Care of the Health of Your Employees Effectively

A great alternative is to involve work teams in long-term preventive medicine programs, such as:

  • The importance of healthy eating;
  • Beware of hypertension;
  • Anti-smoking campaign;
  • The importance of stretching;
  • Encouraging the practice of physical activities.

Try to do a survey on what your employees would most like to get information on health-related topics and try to survey their habits and lifestyle (if they are sedentary, smokers, hypertensive, diabetic, etc.), without, of course , be invasive.


Therefore, always make it clear to your team that it is something that the company wants to implement to favor them, but if they do not want to participate, it is not an obligation, and that in no way will influence the way they will be seen as professionals in the organization.

Another very important factor is that managers make sure their teams strictly adhere to lunch and rest times. You, as a manager, must be an example and do the same, because if employees observe that you spend your lunch break working, they will think that this is an approved attitude in the company’s culture.


So, in no way, do you overload and / or overload your employees to the point that they have to spend several running hours working and miss lunch.

Likewise, do not have a negative and discouraging attitude when your employees need to be late or miss an appointment due to medical appointments and examinations, as this way you end up discouraging them from taking preventive care.


Fulfilling this agenda by hiring a corporate wellness coaching certification professional, the company effectively shows that it is committed to its corporate fitness, as it treats its human capital as its valuable asset. In addition, the continuous monitoring of workers’ health makes it possible to make early diagnoses, which reduces the risk that employees will be affected by serious illnesses, causing them to leave work.