nutrition for kids

School Nutrition Consulting

Find out what a school nutrition consulting is! Taking care of children’s food, especially in the first years of life, is essential for them to grow up healthy and with a stronger immune system!

It is at this stage of life that the child begins to form the eating habits that it will carry for a lifetime.

With the insertion of women in the labor market and consequently their absence from home, the school became the second home for many children.

It is at school that children spend most of their time, eat, play, and learn, among other activities.

Given the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, parents began to have a greater concern with the children’s food and seek not only a school, but a second family, where the child can have everything they have in their home, from the attention, care, affection, even healthy eating.

In the past, it was believed that good eating habits came only from home, nowadays this concept has changed.

Schools seek to offer a healthy diet, as it is known that nutritional status is extremely important for learning.

That’s where the Nutritionist or the School Nutrition Consulting comes in!

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The school must offer adequate food to different age groups, in compliance with health surveillance rules.

In addition to representing a privileged space for the construction and consolidation of healthy eating practices, establishing habits will be carried throughout life.

The school nutrition consultancy team assesses children’s anthropometry by measuring monthly weight and height and delivering semiannual reports to parents.

Playful activities according to the age group, time and space of the school are also important.

Preparation of weekly menus according to the school’s routine. In the menus there is one with standard food.