Protecting from Sunlight

Important preventions for healthy eyes

There is no doubt that sight is one of the most important blessings or any human. In addition to that, eyes are highly sensitive and one has to be very careful about them.  By following some easy methods, you can keep your eyes healthy and free from infections. Here are some of the many tips that can be used for eye care.

  • Wash with cold water every morning

Wash with cold water every morning

Cold water is very good for the eyes. After you sleep for long hours, washing the eyes with cold water prevents them from getting strained. However, you should never wipe your eyes hardly with a towel after you have washed them. In addition to that, it is very important that no soap should be applied on the eyes.

  • Preventing contact with shampoo

Preventing contact with shampoo

Shampoo can be prove to be extremely harmful for the eyes.  When you are washing your hair, you need to make sure that the foam or lather does not enter your eye. Even if this happens, you should wash it off immediately with water.

  • Choosing the correct posture for watching television

Choosing the correct posture for watching television

People who have weak eyesight mostly choose the wrong posture to watch television. Your head needs to be in line with the screen of the television. Watching television in an inclined positon puts additional stress on the eyeball and results in weakening of the eyesight.

  • Protecting from Sunlight

Protecting from Sunlight

A lot of people do not know that sunlight has dangerous ultraviolet rays. When sunlight strikes bare eyes, it can result in severe rashes, retinal detachment and even blindness in worst scenarios. You should always wear sunglasses when you go out in the sunlight. Apart from that, you should be sure that these sun glasses provide ultraviolet protection. Once you have returned home, you should wash your eyes with cold water.